When You Should Hire a Commercial Refrigeration Repair Company

Five Common Indicators Your Walk-in Refrigerator May Need Repair

It’s important to do regular commercial refrigeration maintenance on your walk-in coolers and freezers to keep them functioning and lasting longer. Your first step should be to get in touch with a group of skilled repair professionals as soon as you spot a problem with your equipment. Here, Ayman Ibrahim HVAC Contractor will list several warning signs to watch out for when your walk-in refrigerator needs repair.

Frost Accumulation

Your walk-in refrigerator may be producing frost, a warning that the temperature is swiftly changing and that you should be concerned. Frost may also be a sign that there is too much moisture and that the humidity is off. Check the seal to see if it is still intact and if the buildup is close to the door.

Variable Temperatures

Your walk-in freezer has to maintain a constant temperature at all times. If you see changes, it may be because the sensor is malfunctioning or because warm air is entering the device, which makes it work harder. To tackle the repairs, get in touch with a commercial HVAC company.

Odd Smells

If you notice an unpleasant odor in your walk-in refrigerator, this may indicate a coolant leak, which could be caused by an old or broken condenser. You may prevent that by contacting a legitimate HVAC maintenance and repair company.

Unusual Noises

If your walk-in closet is experiencing mechanical problems, it will make an odd noise. Commercial refrigeration specialists can determine what is causing the noise and will identify its source. If you want to keep your walk-in refrigerator operating properly, you must do this.

Water Leaks

Your walk-in cooler may develop mold or mildew due to aging insulation and broken seals which are contributing factors to water leak issues. This is another sign for hiring commercial refrigerator repair specialists.

While having to deal with a damaged refrigerator is never nice, fixing it before it creates more problems is extremely useful. If you need help with your commercial fridge, get in touch with us. We serve different customers throughout the Covina, CA area. Call (626) 563-0180 to make an appointment.

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